Bentley Scottsdale Print Campaign

Automotive & Related Portfolio

The Project:

Work created for Michael Famileti, head of Scottsdale Motor Mile Auto Group and General Manager, United Auto, a Penske company. The project was to develop a presentation for Bentley Motors, England in order to obtain additional Bentley dealership locations in the United States. These were a few of my favorite ads from that project.

Concept Development:

As part of the campaign development approach, we looked at the step-by-step process Bentley and their customers go through in building a personalized, luxury automobile. For many customers in Scottsdale, it would be a similar process to working with their architect and designer to build their custom home. The following series of concepts touched on those similar processes but were never produced.

NOTE: The creative work displayed in this post was created entirely at E.B. Lane, Phoenix, AZ by Michael Pitzer while Executive Creative Director there.