Prescott Homes Print Advertising

Builder & Developer Portfolio

The Project:

During the housing bubble in Arizona, builders were creating incredible get-away homes in beautiful areas like the hills around Prescott offering unbelievable vistas in all directions.

These samples are from a series of print ads we created at Pitzer Advertising & Design to help market one of those specs homes before it was built, and then during its build out. This first ad was created prior to the build using the artist elevation drawing of what the home would look like when completed plus photography and stock art we were able to create that also reflected the characteristics of the final product. The look we created also had to be more interesting and unique to stand out in the local magazines that were becoming filled with "spec home" advertising.

Prescott Homes - Pre-build Print Ad

This second print ad was created just as the exterior of the home had been completed and the builder and investors were looking to flip the property. It was also the first inclination that things were beginning to change in the market as offers weren't being written prior to the finish of most spec homes. After this home sold, the market ground to a halt in Arizona, Vegas, and pretty much everywhere else in the country that had seen tremendous speculative growth.

Prescott Homes - Post-build Print Ad