Arizona Biltmore Print Campaign

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The Project:

These samples are from a multi-year print and collateral campaign developed for The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona.

The look of this campaign owes its existence to the Creative Director who left E.B. Lane just as the campaign was entering its second year. His departure was the catalyst for Beau Lane to do a national recruitment search which is what brought me to Phoenix from Sacramento as E.B. Lane's first Executive Creative Director.

If you have never been to The Biltmore, it is a phenomenal property to experience and these print designs fit the classic, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture (which in fact was created by Albert Chase McArthur) to a "T". Working with one of the young art directors at E.B. Lane, we gently reworked the ad layouts to incorporate bodycopy I'd written at the request of the marketing director who'd expressed concerns that while the ads were beautiful, they felt somewhat incomplete in their reach for new Biltmore guests.

NOTE: The creative work displayed in this post was begun while Jeff Miraglia was ECD at E.B. Lane, Phoenix, AZ and then completed and expanded while Michael Pitzer was Executive Creative Director.