Michael Pitzer (Art & Design)

PC & Video Game Experience

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I have had the awesome experience of working on 12 PC & video game studios, the biggest being Electronic Arts. The funny thing for me is that video games and consols are like 8-track tape machines today, most gamers have no idea what an 8-track was. But we're not in the business of selling vintage tech. Just as the music that was palyed on an 8-track tape, if it was good, it is still meaningful, relavant, and enjoyable to listen to, then the same can be said about videos games. If they were fun back in the day, and not crap, there usually still a kick to play today.

  • Various
  • Hakuhodo - Los Angeles
  • Bozell - Los Angeles
  • Bozell - Silicon Valley
  • Bozell - Los Angeles
  • EH+Y - Santa Barbara
  • J.Walter Thompson - San Jose
  • Sacks/Fuller - Los Angeles
Bullfrog Productions
Electronic Arts
EA Sports
Firaxis Games
Jane's Combat Sims'
Looking Glass Studios
Maxis Studios
Origin Systems
Sega Genesis
Vic Tokai
Westwood Studios