Michael Pitzer - Creative Director/Copywriter

Braden Court

Local Marketing

With the launch of the new print campaign, weekends saw an increase in foot traffic through the model homes. With the opportunity to increase exposure even more I wrote a series of :30 spots.

As the spots started to run, traffic at Braden Court tripled. In fact, one spot featuring Manolo shoes had only been airing for half of a day when a woman came to Braden Court and bought a home telling the sales staff that she specifically came in because of the funny Manolo Shoes spot she kept hearing on the radio. As they say, it pays to advertise!

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  • Michael Pitzer
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  • 2010
Braden Court Model Home picture

NOTE: The creative work displayed in this post was created by Michael Pitzer while Creative Director at Catalyst Marketing Company, Fresno, CA.

:30 Radio Title: "Manolo's"

:30 Radio Title: "Sleep In Your Car"

:30 Radio Title: "It's a Rolex"

:30 Radio Title: "Solar"

:30 Radio Title: "Monster Truck"